Artist's Statement :

I make work that explores our perception of the world. I invite the viewer to look beyond their first impressions and to discover what is really presented to them.

I present casts of everyday objects, which at first allude to things that they are not, creating unexpected and often disturbing twists in the object and the viewer's perception. On closer inspection, all is revealed, as the objects reveal their true nature to the viewer.

We now live in a world of mass production where duplicated objects, music, clothes, and even sometimes the emotions we perceive to be ours, are part of a series of copies. I seek to make art that individualises the copied object. The work exposes the process of mass reproduction which is eroding our aesthetics and values into a bland state, where paradoxically choice and variety, become diminished.

I encourage people to take a second look at what could be considered normal situations, and really see the objects and environment around them.

My work exposes the fact that we take far too much for granted in our vision of the world today, for in modern society we are looking less at what we see. We really need to invest more time in looking at what is around, because our first impression can be very misleading.

My work creates a space for the viewer to contemplate on what they are observing. For me, this moment of realisation of what you are really seeing is important; it produces many different reactions from humour to anger, but above all a moment of contemplation.

I believe objects are becoming increasingly devalued in modern society, as the values of traditional sculpture are being lost. In this high-tech age we are becoming increasingly absorbed in digital culture. Our obsession and articulation with the moving image, such as television, film and video means that increasingly we lose our ability to look at the real object. I strongly believe that the object still has an important role to play in modern society.